Saturday, March 22, 2008

Let's make a Boxy time. Chingque?

Spring is officially here, and that means more adventures in Plyo-Boxes! And we say, why stop at 20 inches when something like 26 will do?

While this height might intimidate those SFCF athletes under 6'5", we know that there is still value in stepping up onto such a tall box.

Notice that the extreme hip flexion required to get his foot on the box forces Michael to generate a ton of force at pretty much the end of his hip range of motion. Throw a 50lb dumbell in his hand and you've got some serious work being performed by a single leg.

That's cool. Chingque?

Coach k


thebellgirl said...

The boxes first reminded me of installation art.

Now they remind me that my lower back is upset with my legs.

Wilson said...

Chinqueee!!! Thats Niiicce!

Genetic Potential said...