Saturday, April 15, 2006

Climbing Up Out of Hell*

*(See the rowing video link for the reference.)

Nice work by the SF squad this saturday morning. Three rounds of a pretty legit task. Witnessed this morning: great depth, appropriate intensity, increased monkey bar proficiency, and an inch gained.

Try and explain your hands to your friends. Go on. Try. They will look at you like you are insane. You can try to tell them that you are attempting to regain some of the standard playground capacities of any middle school kid in the country. Or, you could tell them that you were working so hard you "didn't notice". Or, you could say "I made the choice to continue because I thought it was worth it."
You can try. But they most likely won't understand what you already know. Your hands will heal, and today, you collected another inch.

Brilliant gang.


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Anonymous said...

Hey did everyones hands feel as great as mine when they took a shower after crossfit?