Saturday, April 01, 2006

Get fit in just 4 simple moves!

Team 8-Sat
Quien Es Mas Macho?

Terrific effort by all the athletes that joined us this morning. Special shout out to all the athletes that stayed even for the entire time--Adam, Mac Daddy, JStar, Mcjohnson (sorry if I missed you anyone else.)


Adam McClure said...

Four simple moves:

1) Wipe your hands like you know what to do with chalk and you're working on your "mental game".

2) Hang from the bar as if you're going to do some work and look fierce.

3) Look surprised when you drop off from that static hang, as if you had a lot more in the tank and can't believe your fingers slipped.

4) Take a seat and breathe hard while everyone else is finishing the real workout. You don't have to do the workout to finish early and look like a champ!

Sometimes you have to cheat a little to look like you're getting results. If you're not ready to fake it to impress your peers then don't bother to show up!


Kelly Starrett said...

It's like catching Clark Kent turn into Superman. Clark Kent still has to wipe chalk off his hands. FAF baby