Monday, April 03, 2006

The Heart of Darkness

It was particularly hard to get up today, given that it’s Monday, that day light savings has plunged us back into the hole of darkness from which Team Six was just beginning to emerge, and that this god forsaken, never ending rain from hell is STILL dumping. But as I pulled into the parking lot at 5:55 this am, I was once again amazed that I was not the only psycho who was up, awake, and psyched to lift cold, heavy metal things under a wet tent in the dark. In fact, there were six psychos. (Seven, if you include Coach K, who I used to think was just very committed and tenacious, but after witnessing yesterday’s couch incident, I now know is a total animal. And yet, he’s an animal with a complex mind with an exceptional ability for spatial understanding… but I digress.) Point being, everyone did an impressive job at the workout for sure (i.e. Pam, with eight rounds of 20 tabata squats (TWICE, I think), Adam with 22), but on days like this, I just think we all need to give each other props just for even getting ourselves out of our warm beds at all. (Or, if that’s too soft for you, how about just giving ME props for getting MYSELF out of MY cozy bed.) Then, how about some extra double superstar props to all for the 300+ squats and 50+ hang cleans put away in 12 minutes. Yeah, Team Six.

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