Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Travels

Should’ve known this morning would be a burner. Should’ve known that with two weeks of sunny beaches stretching out before him, Coach K would give us something to remember him by. Or was it just that with three finals today he wanted to share the pain? (Team 6 is that tight.) Either way, he did cut us a break by actually allowing rest during the rest periods between Tabata sets. At first there was some crazy talk about jumping rope for the 60 second intervals, which I was totally advocating for, of course, but that idea got tossed. Which was probably a good thing given the involuntary leg convulsions going on between the ball slams and the box jumps.

I think everyone scored in the 30s. Nice work, Team. It looked like an all-out maximum effort. Was it the music? (Btw, wouldn’t it be sweet if we could get a version of that techno Tabata CD with Kelly’s voice mixed in for those backyard solo workouts?)

Also, it's nice to see more dudes stepping up for the 6am challenge. Was it that you guys were afraid of the dark before?

Hasta manana,

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