Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One Cup or Two?

This morning, in my eager anticipation of the workout, I accidentally downed a little too much coffee. Fifteen seconds into jumping rope, the waves of stomach-turning nausea washed through me. Bleech. Seriously, I consider this a critical question: How does one maximize caffeine intake as soon as possible while steering clear of the early morning, coffee-induced, work-out-exacerbated nausea? The easy answer – get off the drug - is clearly an unacceptable one.

Today was great. Weighted Tabata squats (totally weird, but maybe you eventually get used to hugging a freezing cold 35-lb weight to your chest) and lots of sit-ups. Way to go Julie, who may or may not have kicked ass doing somewhere between 40 and 190 sit-ups in 10 minutes.


Adam McClure said...

See, I think trying to do a workout with nausea and just flat out being less than my best effort is clearly the unacceptable answer.

Go figure! We're happy to support your detox efforts.

CrossFitCS said...

Getting off caffiene is never the answer