Friday, April 21, 2006

New Blood--Coach Adrian Bozman!

Hey Gang,
For those of you that don't already know it. SFCF is proud to welcome Adrian Bozman as our new coach. Adrian brings an impressive skill set that will significantly increase the things we can do at the center. With a back ground as a gymnast, acrobatic artist, good dancer, and all around good guy, we heartily welcome this man to our campfire! As I am engaged with family matters for the next two weeks, Coach A as the keys to the ferraris. (you guys)

And as an aside. I feel really good about leaving for a couple of weeks with the incredible effort, dilligence, and progress our athletes have been making since we started this project. The end of April will have been 5 months already! I'm very proud of the community we've been able to create and the mindful training that happens every time you guys bring it.

Thanks Coach A!

Coach K


Adam McClure said...

5 Months! So, like, how many months in a round? 'Cause I think we should call time at five rounds of three intervals or somethin.

Don't worry Kelly, by the time you get back we will all be clobbering you on the Muscle-Up.


Hoo-ah Teams 6 & 7!

P.S. Uh, Adrian, you better, uh, like, break out the rings man and get me some Muscle-Ups or Kelly is going to give me the smack-down in two weeks. Like, more than usual.

Bozman said...

Great showing this morning by all!

I'm really excited to be a part of the awesome community you guys have going at SFCF! If anybody needs anything (questions, comments, pleas for Kelly's return...) feel free to email me: or gimme a call 632 6980. The door's always open.


We'll get you that muscle-up.


Who told you about the dancin'...not sure I can live up to that one!