Monday, April 10, 2006

Morning Glory

When the alarm went off this morning, I almost stayed in bed. Seriously. I say that every day, but today it was true. Late drive back from Tahoe last night after two days of pizza, beer, and pushing around several inches of sierra cement – I was not feeing fit, energized, or strong. “It’s okay,” I rationed. “Skiing is sort of exercise. You need a rest day. Okay, maybe not a rest day, but you’ll go running after work. Okay, maybe running and some push-ups. Okay, and maybe you’ll go to Crossfit on Tuesday night to make up for today. Yeah, that’ll work...”

I started to roll over for two more hours of sleep, when to my horror I remembered.
6AM parking.
What kind of A-HOLE comes home from Tahoe at 10PM, drives around the block, and then INTENTIONALLY parks in 6AM parking to sabotage her lazy old self? That would be me.

Driving down to the center, I consoled myself, “It’s okay, maybe today won’t be so hard. Maybe we’ll just do one max weight dead lift and call it a day. Maybe Kelly will have called in sick for the first time ever. Maybe a giant meteor will have crashed into the Center over the weekend and left nothing but a gaping pit…”

But no, my second moment of horror before 6:05 this morning was when Kelly said we’d be doing 10 rounds of Cindy “broken up” (as if it’s some kind of rest?!?!) by 100 dumbbell swings. So much for the meteor.

Bernard completed the workout in 3 minutes. Okay, not 3, but it seemed that way when I still had 4 rounds to go and was doing my less-than-full-range push ups of in sets of 3’s and 4’s. Pam and Christy also killed it, proving once again that Team Six takes no slackers.

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