Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I know you can lay down in a machine....

And leg press an elephant, but can you overhead squat your own bodyweight? Fifty percent of your bodyweight. A lot of lip service is given to "core strength" these days with lots o' fancy balls and half balls out there. But, if you cannot maintain the your midline stability, that is, keep your spine stable in a variety of functional positions, you don't have "core strength." The overhead squat is the king of core exercises, or queen if all you Team 6er's prefer. The difference between what you can front squat and what you can overhead squat is a direct measurement of your true core strenth.

Nice work today Team 6!

coach K


Anonymous said...

So what sort of multiplier is a good measure of your core strength? Should you be able to overhead squat half what you can front squat? Two-thirds?


Anonymous said...

These amount should approximate each other. But don't worry, it may take years to get there, and in that time you will develop the midline stability of a fencepost during the process.