Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Take your eye's off Frank's impeccible taste for a moment and take heed:

It is easy to fall into a rigid mind frame when dealing with elements of your training. Especially when learning, people are eager to find 'the right way' to approach a task. Often there is no right way, merely an appropriate response to the given situation.

The appropriate response is usually based around three questions: Will my approach be effective? Will my approach be efficient? Will my approach be within an acceptable safety margin (all worthwhile physical activities carry some inherent risk to your person: See Georgia from yesterday)? If yes, then you are good to go. Here are some examples of a rigid mind frame to be avoided as generalists in the pursuit of superior overall fitness:

'I can't because I don't have my weightlifting shoes (special shoes)'

'You should never use a belt. Ever.'

'Tearing my calluses is necessary and expected'

'I can't deadlift in the weightlifting shoes that I just spent 7 minutes tying up to do my cleans and front squats' (that's Kilos by the way)


Remember, we are talking about exercise and training methodology here, not law. It is beyond good and evil. Base your actions for the situation at hand, not what you are 'supposed' to do. When one gets too wrapped up in the details of 'supposed to', one potentially sets oneself up with a mental barrier should the elements of 'supposed to' be absent.

Here is John responding to his situation. His final triple on the deadlift at 405lbs was belted. For most sets he doesn't even consider this accoutrement, but opted for it on his last attempt. Totally appropriate for the situation. We wouldn't want John to use the belt on all of his attempts, lest he learn to rely on the belt more than his own muscular garter surrounding his spine, but we wouldn't want him to completely abolish the belt in all situations either.

Absolutes are nonsensical.

-Adrian 'Let's-find-the-middle-ground' Bozman

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Aaron said...

Russian power!

Anonymous said...

I agree absolutely.

More boz. Less dogmatism


Unknown said...

Great post.
I know last week I had to start doing jumping ring pull ups mid workout to prevent tearing my hands. Adrian could tell something wasn't right and suggested the rings, an appropriate modification to the situation. At first, I tried to power through and continue with unassisted pull ups. Dropping down to assisted pullups felt like I was failing or being a snit. I resisted at first because the only other time I had done unassisted pull ups (after I learned to kip) was when I had actually ripped my hand. I thought that since I could do pull ups then I should always do them. Then Adrian shouted "Is it really worth ripping your hands" and I thought "not if I want to work out next week". He could tell I was bothered and asked "Are you working hard?" and the answer was "Hell Yes". He also said it was good to mix it up and change the stimulus after a week of a lot of pull ups. Crossfit conditions us to go absolutely all out (not a bad thing). Sometimes we need lessons in when to modify, calm the F down and abandon our internal absolutes. I am still learning.

Unknown said...

i love you guys

Person said...

"Absolutes are nonsensical."

Is that an absolute?

(nosebleed for time:

Just funnin'. I am totally with you on this shit. "All things in moderation, including moderation." That maxim helps one steer clear of the "rigid mind frame" (or "dogmatism," good call kstar) that can interfere w/ the generalist's pursuit of overall fitness . . . while leaving a little flex for those times when you just need to foam at the mouth. You know, like Sven the Berserker in Erik the Viking. (A Tim Robbins classic. I bet Damian knows.)

Anonymous said...


Yes it is an absolute. That's why I ended with it. It's funny, see?


...and we love each and every one of you guys! Group hug!!!


Anonymous said...

I do know Erik the Viking but I prefer to get crazy exhausted like Sean Connery in Time Bandits.


+2 points for deep knowledge of Nordic Sagas.

Adrianna said...

Greetings from Xfit Santa Clara...Just wanted to say the practical fish oil pill post was much appreciated, I've ditched my awful Costco Pills and switched over to the flavored variety. Great post today as well, an open mind when formulating workout goals is always a valid point to remember!

- Adrianna

Anonymous said...

I second JD's sentiment. I think we have the most articulate group, and im ABSOLUTEly delighted to be a part of the SFCF community. Get it ABSOLUTEly?........No, no one.......embarrassing.


Unknown said...

oh and let me just point out since no one else did... John=badass! nice pics and nice pull big guy!
seriously??? how could we all overlook that? 405 is a lot!

John Hill Gardner III said...

thanks JD

Unknown said...

"Absolutes are nonsensical."

Everything is an absolute if you go to the correct level of generality. But declaring something absolute at the wrong level of generality is equivocating--therein lies the issue.

CrossFit Rocks! That's an axiom!