Monday, November 17, 2008


A few points of business this evening:

1)Please stack the boxes as shown on the left in the picture. They tend to fall apart otherwise.

2)We will be having a the first and greatest-ever SFCF Parallette-Making-Box-Painting-BBQ show down this Saturday from 10am until 1pm(ish).

If you are interested in building your very own set of parallettes to take home, respond to this post by Thursday and bring $25 with you on Saturday. Parallettes are a great way to work on some basic gymnastic skills in the comfort of your own home. I'm sure if you're all really nice to Carl he can show you some party tricks too.

We will have paint on hand to seal-up the boxes from the winter elements. Adding a personal touch to the boxes is highly encouraged.

Bring your own meat/beverages and we will have a grill on-site.

3)Coach Angel has begun teaching CrossFit classes at Planet Granite just down the way from SFCF. He is offering a Tues/Thurs noon class as well as several evening classes. The kind folks at PG have been nice enough to allow any monthly members of SFCF to attend for free, so if you can, go show some support!

4)Big shout out to Corrine for completing her CrossFit Level 1 Seminar this weekend in Union City. Ask her about her 2 PRs in two days. Nice!

Have fun,

Adrian 'Arts-and-crafts' Bozman


Anonymous said...

Mike M is in for Saturdays crafts.

And thanks to Adrian and Damian I too can highly recommend Bill's Place for the open face Chile Burger w/ Avocado...on your day off of course.

Anonymous said...

Damn right! Bill's Place is where it's at...good shakes too. Cheat meals at their finest.


Unknown said...

oh no... i hate to say this i love bill's but i have a new go to. Grumpy's.
how? you say do you improve a bacon chedder burger? add a fried egg and a side of onion rings with vinegar.

Unknown said...

ps- good shit c-rin get some!!! i hear 300 getting closer.

Unknown said...

Thanks guys!
The cert. was awesome. I highly recommend that anyone do Fran and FGB one weekend at least once in your life- Brutal.
I can make it for the Sat. Craft Session. L sits are my new favorite movement.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Corrine!


Nick said...

Adrian - Does this mean you are finally going to be in town on a weekend? GOW2 for the time you are home!!???

Side note - Meghan and I would like to make some parallettes.


FilthyBrit said...

Coach Corrine! Totally sweet. Totally awesome.


Anonymous said...

Lucas is in for a brover workout with carl on saturday and making instruments that will train me to be a ninja afterwards. Im thinking a couple meat and veggie kabobs might hit the spot after Broving.
If you dont know about broving and the various variations it can take on, please talk to Adrian.


noel said...

Please sign me up to make parallettes this Saturday. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I will be there for arts 'n crafts & bbq but do not need parallettes.
Sounds like a good time.

Molly Petersen Nardone said...

SO BUMMED I can't make the box painting event! I have to be in the studio that morning but my bets on G for tearin' it up! Have fun!!

Molly Petersen Nardone said...

Corrine!! NICE WORK!!! Way to make it happen.
BIg high fives!!


Anonymous said...

IN!for CrossFit Arts and Crafts

Matt M

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for Parallettes.

Roop said...

In for Crafts...and would be down to join in on the monster workout Lucas...