Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tough to beat...

Ok, so if you wanna win the 'best article of clothing ever worn to SFCF' contest, you have to be willing to top this...

...and on top of this, you have to wear it with style during and after tabata swings, pushups and Koffin Jumps(tm).


Although the award was almost gifted upon Aneel for his stolen-from-the-girlfriend-because-he-forgot-his-own red short shorts (photo lost/destroyed), the Brit had an articulate rebuttal planned for the challenger:




Unknown said...

Yes, people THAT is my boyfriend. What a charmer.

Anonymous said...

1) Koffin Jumps (tm) awesome.

2) There can be only one. "Who wants to live, Foreverrrr?"

3) The fact that the head of the flamingo suit was cut off in the photo makes me feel weirdly like I'm in a David Lynch movie.

I guess that's a new standard--Neck to bar? Or Penis to stoma tube to the bar? Awkward.

Anonymous said...

Coach kstar (above)

Anonymous said...

I was there to witness the century club. You may notice that handsome fellow in the background (luke dog). I have a pic of michael @ the end of the century club. The definition of a show of shit, or as the brits call it, a shit show. Props to coach carl. I got my first coach carl class last night and I have to say he is first class all they way. A great teacher with a positive attitude. We are damn lucky to have him here with us. My hands are proof that he comes with some sicks workouts. CRIP!!!!!


FilthyBrit said...

Carl may be the Most Patient Man in America for tolerating the Human Flabongo on Saturday.

Shout out to Dial, my fellow Centurion.

Next: Fran in Fur.

FilthyBrit said...

P.S. You would have a lot fewer embarassing photos of me if I would stop making drunken bets.

dbvader said...

You all had to go and encourage him.
We will never hear the end of it from filthy(not so)brit.