Tuesday, November 11, 2008

See your future, Be your future

Look, my daughter is three and makes it all the way across the monkey bars about 50% of the time. When she doesn't make it to the other side, she risks a pretty good drop in an extended and vulnerable position.

Now watch the video again and see if you can catch what she says prior to her attempt.

"I'm going to stick it."

That's right. Even though she knows somewhere that the likelihood of her making it all the way across the bars is about fifty-fifty, she is preconditioning herself for a positive outcome with her positive pre-game self-talk.

Let's talk about you for a moment. What goes on in your head prior to attempting your one rep back squat max that you make 50% of the time? Knowing that you are going to get stapled to the ground half the time likely is going to affect your ability to believe you will make the lift. And, that outcome doubt will reflect in your pre-task self talk. Not unlike a olympic high diver, your body WILL follow your head.

Start paying attention to what that little voice inside you says before you go big.
Does it say, "Light weight!" in the tradition of Ronnie Coleman? Does your inner monologue say, "I'm going to stick it!" like Georgia Starrett above?
Do you think, "Gawd this is heavy, I can't even breath with this bar on my back. or "I'm not sure I can lift this."

Bottom line, it's time to clean up the self talk.
Don't look where you don't want to go.

Coach Kstar


Anonymous said...


I know you have a larger point, but mostly this video is cute. Also do you carry chalk to the playground for your daughter?

Unknown said...

That is why she is called the G-Unit.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Georgia is a little right hand dominant ;-)

Though I may try to psych myself up, I must admit that I all too routinely sink in a mire of self-doubt and self-pity during the heavy weight or metcon napalm of CrossFit.

I'll jump on the hope bandwagon next workout and just say, "Yes, we can", in an effort for AoE positive thinking.

John Hill Gardner III said...

I like the chalk comment at the end.

John Hill Gardner III said...

this post fits perfectly with angels workout today

Tuller said...

After Georgia recovered, notice she just looked at you, old man with camera, and moved on...as if...yeahh.
Anyway: as to the muttering of the positive incantation: For twenty years now prior to crossing the start line of any 100 mile trail race I say not only to myself but to a fellow racer or buddy nearby: "I'll see you at the Finish." I have had a few DNFs, Leadville, Western, and Wasatch, but I have lots of Finisher buckles, many more than DNFs. I have always believed that girding up your spirit from within helps set the relatively weak, by comparison: intellect, straight. Often during these insanely long trail races through the mountains my intellect gets weak and tired and wants to quite but my spirit really wants to get to The Barn: The Finish. So I follow my gut, my spirit, the inner voice because there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like finishing a brutal event.
You tell us Coach: We love you.
Robert, a.k.a.; TULLER

Matt said...

Georgia should be in a Nike ad.


Sean said...

I am going to say that before every heavy workout.

"I am going to stick it"

Unknown said...

hey, Sean, did our Fight Gone Bad shirts come in yet??
Saw a gal from Oakland CF with hers...

thebellgirl said...

I'm having flashbacks to many a penalty kick made--and missed. Word, girl.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, your daughter is a little badass! I love how after she falls, she looks at her hands, and when the waterworks should have set in, she just wipes them off and gets back up. It was almost like she was inspecting her calluses to see the damage :)

I want to say thank you for an incredible lecture and practical application of PT on Sunday at CFSC. I had a blast and learned more than my brain can even process yet. Thank you. You were very inspiring and gave me a lot to implement myself and in our gym to help us make improvement to our own performance. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!

Anonymous said...

(Sorry, that last one was Kristy A. from Crossfit Santa Cruz--I didn't mean to post anonymously)

FilthyBrit said...

That video was AWESOME! One tough cookie.

FilthyBrit said...

That video was AWESOME! One tough cookie.

Anonymous said...

In true Kstar fashion it only counts if you get it on tape.