Friday, November 07, 2008


The concept of practice should be obvious and instinctual...if you wish to get better at something, it stands to reason that doing that something will start to build your proficiency. It is far easier to talk about, discuss, argue and try to find 'the-one-secret-technique-that-will-make-it-click' than it is to put the work in and learn something new. When that something is physical, your experiential education is a must!

Part of this reluctance to act is rooted in a desire to do well. The old saying 'beginners will look like beginners' is something to keep in mind. There will be process involved. Even the most beastly athletes have things they need to work on, and they'll probably look like kittens doing it (you know, those beastly kittens). Enjoy this. It will never (should never) end.

6am gang post-practice of a few double-unders after being granted the (fleeting) gift of sunlight for a few more weeks:

See you next week,


Person said...

Aneel's pants are hella disco.

Anonymous said...


Please let me know about the run you have scheduled for this Sunday. My e-mail address is



Anonymous said...

Aneel, why'd you change shirts in the middle of a workout?