Friday, November 21, 2008

Sometimes You Just Gotta Check the Box

There are times when you get home late from work, friends are coming for dinner, you're tired, and you still need to workout. Oh yeah, and the Olympics are only four years away.

This is not the time for a quality, life-changing, PR smashing athletic experience.
No. This is the time to fill in the square, check the box, and just get some credit for showing up.

The goal is to set yourself up for success. Have a go to set off crappy dumbells, a kettle bell, a sandbag or whatever. Know how far it is to the corner and back.
Scope out a tree branch. Start the clock.

Coach Boz talked about absolutes a few posts back. You don't need the perfect set up.
You don't need the right environment. You don't need that perfect equipment, boom box, interval timer, etc.

You do need to pony up.

Get rid of the barriers between you and working out. You just need to nurture those hard fought for metabolic enzymes. And, your neighbors might think are just a touch paleosexual. Which is cool.

Pony up.

Coach Kstar

Gold Medalist Erin Cafaro meeting the minimum daily requirements for self induced hate.


Unknown said...


FilthyBrit said...

I have changed my Gmail status to "paleosexual."

Unknown said...

And that is why Erin was rowing in the Olympics, and why I was on my couch watching the Olympics...

John Hill Gardner III said...

do you need a singlet for this as well?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Spandex is absolutely necessary for optimum performance and peak paleosexuality.