Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Science, Pie, and Holiday Schedule

We have done it again! Top SFCF scientists have developed a scientifically "proven" workout that will allow the athlete to eat increased amounts of pie for the rest of the day.

We call it: The Turkey Chipper

We are currently recruiting athletes for a another study to be held Thursday, Thanksgiving at 8:30 am.

Due to the rigorous nature of this double blind, randomly generated, placebo controlled workout, no other workout will be held on Thursday.

NO Thursday PM classes!

Coach Angel will be on hand till about 11am Thursday morning for some additional
"stuffing, yam, and sweet potato pre-fatiguing."

Regular classes resume on Friday.

So donate your body to science.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coach Kstar


Nick said...

I think that pic should get nominated for most awesome CF picture ever. Simply Ever.


John Hill Gardner III said...

yes props to whoever took that photo

Anonymous said...

Kstar...Im in. You'll be thrilled to know that my oly lifting shoes came in. Patent Royal Blue. When I opened the box it was like xmas as a 12 year old. I call them the blue bombers. Hot SHeot!!!!!!!!

Coach Kevin gettin some blog love. I miss Coach Kevin... :(


Person said...

Lucas, did you get the VS Xplosion shoes? Please advise. I've been eyeing them for a bit but don't know anything about them.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sad I'll miss the Turkey Chipper but it looks like I might be passing through in January almost for sure now. See ya then.


Melliefarrell said...

Oh my lord, I can't wait for this one! Though my legs are still sore from yesterday's workout.

Aaron said...

I regret not being around for the annual turkey chipper. Could someone send me an email with the details of what it was this year?

Anonymous said...

rad picture for sure

Adam said...

Enjoy the beating, everyone.

PS -- can you post a link to a larger copy of that photo?