Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Chipper Fest '09

First, Happy Thanksgiving and many thanks to all those that made this year's Turkey workout the best ever.
Our resident Pathologist (Dr.Dr) was able to quantify the pie/time concept.
She noted that this obscure measurement (calories Pie per second) is known as the "gourd". I'm pretty confident new gourd (input?) records will be set later on today.
Great efforts all!

It was a big day for several other reasons too.
We at SFCF are thankful:

Thankful for this box. That unicorn has blood in its eyes. Of course. If we could have had a 12 sided die, we would have painted it. Coach Boz has Dragonforce rocking on his internal soundtrack. +8 for awesomeness.

We are thankful for our great community of let's face it, amazing, generous, brilliant, crazy people.

We are thankful that Molly is marrying Corby on Saturday. Our goal the past week was to cripple the bride. Miracle Molly has confounded us again.
Congrats you two!

And we are 364 days thankful that Meghan Kearny is finished Chemo.

But who cares? Because today she stuck her first pull up ever (and we mean ever.)
And it counts, because it was done on film

See you for regular classes again tomorrow!
Don't worry, we're going heavy.

Coach Kstar


Melliefarrell said...

Congrats Meghan and Molly, great to meet everyone! It was a good a** whoopin and much enjoyed ;-)

FilthyBrit said...

MK, that makes my Thanksgiving. Awesome!

Unknown said...

Meghan, I have one and only one word for you...........


Aaron said...

Your unicorn is awesome, but is it this awesome?

Unknown said...

Yes. The box is much more awesomer.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Meghan!